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Starting a project for Azure Static Web Apps

A quick perusal of this blog shows how much I love Azure Static Web Apps, a wonderful service for hosting full-stack web applications. Static Web Apps uses Azure Functions for server-side code, and provides wonderful functionality including authentication. When it comes time to start doing local development, the initial setup can require a couple of steps as there’s a fair bit being provided to you by the service. I want to explore how to setup a project for Azure Static Web Apps. Continue reading

The importance of link text

Here’s a blog post about the word here. What we have here is an issue where here isn’t clearly defined. Here has lost all meaning here, and it’s hard to know where here is when here we use here to highlight things here, here, and here. I know what you’re thinking. I’m going overboard to try to make a point. You’re probably right. But it’s time we banish the word here from our link text, here an now. Continue reading

Bullet Journaling - my system

I’ve blogged previously about my adventures, covering what didn’t work for me about using a bullet journal (bujo). Now I want to walk through my system. Before we get started I want to make sure I highlight the fact this does not make me perfect by any stretch. I still have tasks which fall through the cracks, don’t get done on time, or aren’t a struggle. However, I’m far more successful with my bujo than without. Continue reading

Python Type Hints

I was on a community call on the Microsoft Python Discord channel when I was asked what my favorite new feature for Python was. My answer was immediate - “Type hints, type hints, type hints”. I find questions like this make for great blog posts, so let’s give it a whirl! The problem Before we get into type hints and why they’re so amazing, let’s explore the problem space. Let’s say I’ve created the following function: Continue reading

Deploy Astro sites to Azure Static Web Apps

There’s been a push of late to limit the amount of JavaScript sent down to the client as part of single-page or static web applications. I for one welcome this shift, as it means we as web developers are listening to the needs of our users, who don’t have limitless bandwidth or computing power. Sites load faster, scale better, have decreased load, consume less resources, help with climate change… It’s goodness all around. Continue reading

Being sober does not mean drinking soda

2021-06-11 Dry life geektrainer
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had this conversation: Me: I’m a dry person. What do you have for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol? Server: Well, we have Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite… Me: I said I don’t drink alcohol; I didn’t say I was 12. OK, I don’t actually say that last part out loud. But I sure do think it. This is a common challenge with restaurants of all shapes and sizes, star levels and prestige. Continue reading

Configuring authentication in Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps is a fantastic Azure hosting service designed for full-stack (sometimes called static) applications. Among the various features offered is built-in authentication for Azure Active Directory (AAD), GitHub and Twitter. No additional actions or configurations are required to use these providers; they’re available out of the box! To support this, three routes are added to every static web app - /.auth/login/aad, /.auth/login/github and /.auth/login/twitter for AAD, GitHub and Twitter respectively. Continue reading
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